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Lonesome Paladin Book Review

Title: Lonesome Paladin: An Urban Fantasy Novel (A Fistful of Daggers Book 1)

Author: SM Reine

Publication Date: April 16, 2018

This is a new series but if your a fan of SM Reine then the main characters will be like old friends. As always (from this author) the characters are complex and well developed. The story is compelling and does a good job of pulling you into the world SM Reine has created.

Lincoln Marshall is a lost man. He has been to hell and back, made it threw the end of the world but seems to be haunted by visons of his once great love Elsie. He likes to stick to the quiet places and drink as much of the days away as possible. I poorly picked fight lands him in OPA lock up.

Cesar is stuck in Reno trying to help get the OPA up and running again. Since the end of the world and Genesis; things have been crazy. Wears, seithe and other magical creatures roam the world but Cesar use to be a witch, not any more. When Lincoln Marshall lands in his lap Cesar is sure he is nothing but trouble but his file with OPA is mostly redactions so he cuts him loose in the morning. Little did he know he would be comming for Lincoln’s help before the day was out. An attack on the OPA facility activates seithe powers in him and he must travel to the middle world’s to learn to manage them.

Lincoln and Cesar travel to the middle worlds where no human has ever survived. With killer unicorns, deadly doppelgangers, unhelpful royalty and the new God they will struggle and falter along the way. When losing means loss of good friends and destruction of the middle worlds they must succeed.

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Olympian Challenger

Publisher: Astrid Arditi

Publication date: February 5, 2018; paperback, digital release date: July 2018

Language: English

Book length: 348 pages

Hope Diaz is a 17 year old high school student. She lives along with her single mother. She has her friends, is a star on the swim team and going to be valedictorian. She worries about her Mother because her family is plagued by a secret.
A mysterious invitation arrives to dam near every teenager in New York. Hope sees something more. An attempted rescue of a suicidal boy leads Hope on an adventure she never imagined. Inner struggles and external forces are thrust upon Hope as she meets the Gods of Olympus. A new champion is to be chosen through a series of quests.

This is the first book I have read by Astrid Arditi but won’t be the last. This is a promising first book in a trilogy. The writer drops you into her world and the end comes all too soon. Fantastic teen book but solid enough story to please and adult.

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Alpha’s Strength By Rebecca Royce

Alpha's Strength By Rebecca Royce

Alpha’s Strength
By Rebecca Royce
Published By Fated Desires
Release Date: March 8, 2014

Cyrus is the Alpha werewolf of Manhattan, has been since he took out the previous alpha at age 20. He has built a business and a home for his pack in this concrete jungle but lately he has been feeling like something is missing. Short tempered and agitated he storms out of his morning meeting and out the front door to get some are and a cup of coffee at the coffee shop across the street not knowing his world would change. Betsy was just in for a cup of coffee and then back to her life of servitude to a man that she hates but has her parents held prisoner. She did not know the man that approached her in the coffee shop. He follows her home and her world is going to be turned on its ear. And to top it all off he tells her she is a werewolf and his mate. Now with werewolf babies disappearing and a long lost identical twin sister Betsy might make it out alive.

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War’s Passion

War's Passion

War’s Passion (Sons of War book 1)
By Lia Davis
Published by Fated Desires Publishing
Release Date : February 27, 2014 EARLY

Let me start my saying Wow. This is the crazy hot new series from Lia Davis. Dragons and the sons of the god Ares, Sexy and troubled by their own demons and one disgraced and leading the rebellion against the gods brother.

Markus Sullivan is the liaison between his brothers and their father, Ares the god of War. He never dreamed that he would find his sole mate. Here she is showing up in the small town he and his brothers call home, well most of them. Her name is Gwen and she is the granddaughter the Aphrodite and the next target of his evil brother and the descendants, a group of demi gods trying to overthrow the Gods. Problem is Gwen is afraid of dragons. Ever since she was young and one attacked her parents and killed them. She has been running ever since. Gwen and her best friend Elle moved to this beautiful town so Gwen could be near the ocean and to keep moving so the dragon could not find them. Now she has stumbled on the sexist man she has ever seen and he is also a dragon. With the decedents getting close can she come to grips with her fear? And how does she play into this great battle!

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Blessed, The Chosen

Blessed, The Chosen

Blessed, The Chosen
By Ann Mayburn
Published by Fated Desires Publishing
Release Date: January 26, 2014

This is the second book I have read from the Chosen stories. Blessed is a wonderful blend of magic, mystery, mythology, legend, love and passion. It is not necessary to read the first book first. each story speaks for it’s self and other than the theme do not lead off one to the other, but you might want to look it up and read it too.

Elina Shay grew up in a small town that doesn’t practice god worship. In fact Elina was brought up forbidden to do so. When she convinced her parents to let her go to a public college, she meets professor Aiden Klemenson, that’s too dam sexy to ignore. Aiden singles her out and tries to explain that she it a chosen of one of the gods of creation but her upbringing leaves her with doubts and disbelief. Now with an attraction she can not ignore and the chosen of the destruction gods stalking her and sending demons after her can she realize her potential in time to save her life and the relationship she hopes can blossom?

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A Beta’s Haven

A Beta's Haven

A Beta’s Haven
By Carrie Ann Ryan
Published by Fated Desires Publishing
Release Date : February 14, 2014

Redwood Pack Book 6.5
A visit with the Redwood pack Beta Jasper and his mate Willow, is a short but sexy and enticing look at the sexy couple. It takes place between book 6 and 7, hence the 6.5, and not just feeds our romantic and lustful needs of the sexy weres but also a little more on the war with the Centrals.

Williow along with the rest of his family are noticing that Jasper, pack Beta, is under a lot of stress, maybe too much. As Beta Jasper is responsible for the well being of the whole pack. Lately it’s been waying heavy on his mind and when he almost dies while trying to fix a flooded basement Willow takes it upon herself to get him some help and a private getaway for just the two of them.

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Hidden Destiny by Carrie Ann Ryan


Hidden Destiny

by Carrie Ann Ryan

Published by Fated Desires Publishing

release date: January 14 2014

North and Lexi’s story.  So glad its here.  A beautiful story. Just a little warning the story is amazing but sad and a little brutal at times. North knows he is destined to kill Corbin, the Alpha of the Centrals but this twist he never could have guessed.  Lexi has a secret and even though she feels the pull of the mate bond with North she feels he will reject her is she tells him.

Just a little peek: North and Logan both pivoted toward the Central Alpha, who stood about twenty yards from them. He looked the same as always, dirty and oily, with a sneer on his face. North’s wolf clawed at him, wanting to kill the bastard now forever laying a had on Lexi, but he held him back. This wasn’t the time, not yet. Not when he didn’t know his surroundings or weather the demon was with the bastard. Corbin alone North could take. Add in the demon and there was a problem. “I see you got our message,” North said, his voice oddly clam.