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Divided Loyalties by Lia Davis


Divided Loyalties

Ashwood Falls book 4

by Lia Davis

Published by Fated Desires Publishing

release date: December 14 2013

Another sexy addition to the Ashwood falls series. Well written, excellent plot development and well rounded characters, Divided Loyalties is full of twists and turns. Along with the steamy interaction between Christa and Hayden, more of the story of the were groups battling the Onyx pack and some new developments with that story line as well. A must read if you love sexy wolves and clandestine loves.

Just a peek:    Good God, what the hell was wrong with her? Ogling her kidnapper? She must have hit her head when she passed out. Forcing her gaze to his face, she asked, “How long have I been out?”

One shoulder lifted in a half shrug. “About two hours, give or take.”

She clenched her jaw together while she patted her pockets. “Where’s my phone?” 

“You don’t need it.” 

Like hell. She needed to contact the twins soon, or they’d come look for her.


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