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Hidden Destiny by Carrie Ann Ryan


Hidden Destiny

by Carrie Ann Ryan

Published by Fated Desires Publishing

release date: January 14 2014

North and Lexi’s story.  So glad its here.  A beautiful story. Just a little warning the story is amazing but sad and a little brutal at times. North knows he is destined to kill Corbin, the Alpha of the Centrals but this twist he never could have guessed.  Lexi has a secret and even though she feels the pull of the mate bond with North she feels he will reject her is she tells him.

Just a little peek: North and Logan both pivoted toward the Central Alpha, who stood about twenty yards from them. He looked the same as always, dirty and oily, with a sneer on his face. North’s wolf clawed at him, wanting to kill the bastard now forever laying a had on Lexi, but he held him back. This wasn’t the time, not yet. Not when he didn’t know his surroundings or weather the demon was with the bastard. Corbin alone North could take. Add in the demon and there was a problem. “I see you got our message,” North said, his voice oddly clam.


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