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War’s Passion

War's Passion

War’s Passion (Sons of War book 1)
By Lia Davis
Published by Fated Desires Publishing
Release Date : February 27, 2014 EARLY

Let me start my saying Wow. This is the crazy hot new series from Lia Davis. Dragons and the sons of the god Ares, Sexy and troubled by their own demons and one disgraced and leading the rebellion against the gods brother.

Markus Sullivan is the liaison between his brothers and their father, Ares the god of War. He never dreamed that he would find his sole mate. Here she is showing up in the small town he and his brothers call home, well most of them. Her name is Gwen and she is the granddaughter the Aphrodite and the next target of his evil brother and the descendants, a group of demi gods trying to overthrow the Gods. Problem is Gwen is afraid of dragons. Ever since she was young and one attacked her parents and killed them. She has been running ever since. Gwen and her best friend Elle moved to this beautiful town so Gwen could be near the ocean and to keep moving so the dragon could not find them. Now she has stumbled on the sexist man she has ever seen and he is also a dragon. With the decedents getting close can she come to grips with her fear? And how does she play into this great battle!


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