Alpha’s Strength By Rebecca Royce

Alpha’s Strength By Rebecca Royce Published By Fated Desires Release Date: March 8, 2014 Cyrus is the Alpha werewolf of Manhattan, has been since he took out the previous alpha at age 20. He has built a business and a home for his pack in this concrete jungle but lately he has been feeling like […]

War’s Passion

War’s Passion (Sons of War book 1) By Lia Davis Published by Fated Desires Publishing Release Date : February 27, 2014 EARLY Let me start my saying Wow. This is the crazy hot new series from Lia Davis. Dragons and the sons of the god Ares, Sexy and troubled by their own demons and one […]

Blessed, The Chosen

Blessed, The Chosen By Ann Mayburn Published by Fated Desires Publishing Release Date: January 26, 2014 This is the second book I have read from the Chosen stories. Blessed is a wonderful blend of magic, mystery, mythology, legend, love and passion. It is not necessary to read the first book first. each story speaks for […]

A Beta’s Haven

A Beta’s Haven By Carrie Ann Ryan Published by Fated Desires Publishing Release Date : February 14, 2014 Redwood Pack Book 6.5 A visit with the Redwood pack Beta Jasper and his mate Willow, is a short but sexy and enticing look at the sexy couple. It takes place between book 6 and 7, hence […]

Hidden Destiny by Carrie Ann Ryan

Hidden Destiny by Carrie Ann Ryan Published by Fated Desires Publishing release date: January 14 2014 North and Lexi’s story.  So glad its here.  A beautiful story. Just a little warning the story is amazing but sad and a little brutal at times. North knows he is destined to kill Corbin, the Alpha of the Centrals […]

Divided Loyalties by Lia Davis

Divided Loyalties Ashwood Falls book 4 by Lia Davis Published by Fated Desires Publishing release date: December 14 2013 Another sexy addition to the Ashwood falls series. Well written, excellent plot development and well rounded characters, Divided Loyalties is full of twists and turns. Along with the steamy interaction between Christa and Hayden, more of the story […]

Surrendering To The Alpha ( An Ashwood Falls Novel) by Lia Davis

A stunning addition to her Ashwood Falls series! The day Addyson was found by the handsome Alpha, twenty five years ago, she knew she was his mate. Keegan has been alpha for a long time, loved and tragically lost a mate before. He has known about Addyson since that fated day in the woods but […]