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Divided Loyalties by Lia Davis


Divided Loyalties

Ashwood Falls book 4

by Lia Davis

Published by Fated Desires Publishing

release date: December 14 2013

Another sexy addition to the Ashwood falls series. Well written, excellent plot development and well rounded characters, Divided Loyalties is full of twists and turns. Along with the steamy interaction between Christa and Hayden, more of the story of the were groups battling the Onyx pack and some new developments with that story line as well. A must read if you love sexy wolves and clandestine loves.

Just a peek:    Good God, what the hell was wrong with her? Ogling her kidnapper? She must have hit her head when she passed out. Forcing her gaze to his face, she asked, “How long have I been out?”

One shoulder lifted in a half shrug. “About two hours, give or take.”

She clenched her jaw together while she patted her pockets. “Where’s my phone?” 

“You don’t need it.” 

Like hell. She needed to contact the twins soon, or they’d come look for her.

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Surrendering To The Alpha ( An Ashwood Falls Novel) by Lia Davis

Surrendering To The Alpha ( An Ashwood Falls Novel) by Lia Davis

A stunning addition to her Ashwood Falls series!

The day Addyson was found by the handsome Alpha, twenty five years ago, she knew she was his mate. Keegan has been alpha for a long time, loved and tragically lost a mate before. He has known about Addyson since that fated day in the woods but it was too soon after the lost of his pervious mate and then it was just to dangerous.

I loved this story and could not put it down. A must read even if you have never read an Ashwoods Falls story. But I promise if you read this your going to hunt down the next one. Lia Davis does it again. I am blown away. Please give it a read, I am betting you won’t regret it.

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Ivan’ Captive Submissive by Ann Mayburn

Ivan' Captive Submissive by Ann Mayburn

A beautiful submissive agrees to do something so out of character for her. She agrees to sell her company to the highest bidder for a week at a charity auction! ‘The man reached down and took her hand. As he pulled her to her feet, she had the impression of great strength. The hand holding hers was large with scars across the knuckles. Whoever this man was, he’d been a fighter at one time. The sent of his cologne reached her and she took in a greedy lungful of the air around him. He smelled delicious, like leather and spice. “ My name is Ivan.”

This is not my usual read but I gave it a shot. The story was very well detailed and paints a very vivid picture in your mind. It’s a captivating journey into a world most people have never even though about. I great story to curl up and snuggle into on a long winter’s night!

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Cursed by Ann Mayburn

Cursed by Ann Mayburn

Wow this book is fantastic . It was over so fast. Not that the book was short, I just could not put it down. Yep there is some steamy bits and some very dark and bloody bits. Ancient Gods and the modern world blend into a beautiful and well laid out story. As far as I am concerned a must read!

Just a little taste of Cursed!
“Carmella turned so quickly she nearly gave herself whiplash. Sean stood not three feet from her, an amused smile curving his lips. The sun light burned through his red hair like fire, and it caught the fine light red stubble on his face. This close, he stunned her with his presence, and all she could do was stare. She found herself turning toward him, like a flower flowing the sun.”

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Ever After a collection of sexy short stories

Hi I am almost done reading Ever After( A paranormal anthology by Carrie Ann Ryan, Marie Harte, Rebecca Royce, Lia Davis and Leia Shaw) but since it is a collection of short stories I will review each one individually.

First up is Carrie Ann Ryan’s His Choice. This is a novella from her Dante’s Circle series. The story is about Fawkes Lucifer’s son, who we met in Her Warriors Three Wishes, Dante’s Circle book 2, and his choice to become a non soul eating demon. To survive as a non soul eating demon he must seek out his true mate. With some help from his friends, in the human realm, he begins his search. In this story we get to know Leslie a bit more, we were briefly introduced to her in Unlucky Moon, Dante’s Circle book 3, she was the submissive sister wolf of Dorian. Even after Dorian’s death there is much tension in the Nocturne Pack. Leslie is unsure of her place in the pack anymore. As a submissive it was the dominate wolves job to care for her but that’s not how most of them treat her now. This story is about Fawkes finding his mate to make his self whole and Leslie search it fit in some how. Oh and of coarse some very hot steamy sex! Now if you haven’t read the othe books of Dante’s Circle you might get lost in this. All of the main charters in this are from earlier in the series and references are made often. Now being a big fan of Carrie Ann’s works I loved this story. it’s a better look inside Hunter’s wolf pack and Fawkes is a good kid just born in a bad place and I am so happy he got his own short story.

Next is Marie Harte’s Beasts of Burden. Eira is a valkyrie living in Asgard with her goddess Freya and all the rest of the goddess’s servants. She has been drawn to the two battle cat shifters that pull Freya’s chariot but not sure why. She has never seen the fight, hell she has not even gotten a rise out of either Hall or Avarr in 5 decades. As a valkyrie she needed the fight, it was in her blood but as much as they interest her she is also put off by their lack of violence and their unwillingness to fight. Hall and Avarr have been interested in Eira too but ordered by their goddess not to act on these feelings, that the were not ready yet. They accompany Freya to a meeting of the gods from most deity religions. Everyone from Mercury( Roman) to Horus (Egyptian) and even Mithras ( Persian) were in attendance with guards of their own. Freya announces that the Ludos Drorum – Game of the Gods, was about to start. With all these gods in the realm with servants was bound to cause trouble. The men must figure out what they need to do before they are aloud to pursue Eira. I found it a good story and the sex was out of this world and it stands ok on it own. I did not need the other books to this series to understand it but I also have a vast knowledge of the Ancient Gods and creatures talked about in this book, so I am betting that helps.

Story 3 is Alpha Rising by Rebecca Royce. Lilliana was up to her eyeballs in debt and working in a small diner and living where she could afford. At work her boss was an odd woman named Matilda, who seats one hell of a tattooed sexy man in her section. His name is Travis. Her and Travis are drawn to each other, he know why but she doesn’t have a clue. When she finaly finds out why its one hell of a bomb shell and it’s Travis’s enemy that clues her in. Now I know this is part of a series but it reads pretty good on it’s own. You get to know the characters pretty well and how the dynamics of the wolf packs in the story. The sex is fiery and it makes me want to check out the rest of the series though.

Ok I am just starting out with blogging so please be patient and fell free to comment or ask question.

Finished the read around 2am this morning so here is the rest.

A Rebel’s Heart is next. Written by Lia Davis as part of her Ashwood Falls Series. This one had to grow on me. Sarah is a mother and grandmother. Now I know from reading Lia Davis’s other books that as a puma she is ageless unless she chooses to age but it’s a little off putting for the main character is a grandmother, but I digress. It’s a good story, sexy female still grieving after 3 years for her mate(Wade) and her best friend(Damian) who died in a car accident. She get a mysterious message and then is attacked. Her would be rescuer is someone she thought dead and even in the middle of the fight she feels a pull. A mates pull. The story leads you around a bit and misdirects you but if all for a good reason. Like I said it took me a bit to get into the story and then it ends abruptly. I am not sure if I am upset about the way it ends or intrigued to read more.

Destined for Eden by Leia Shaw is the last story in the book. This one really had me from page 1. In it you meet a saucy little werewolf who has never known another of her kind named Eden. She was raised by a group of shifters. She is smart funny and sexy but because she is just a were she has never be able to have a long term relationship. So she is shy, a little guarded but hopeful as she starts her new job. She is working for a rebel movement. As I understand from the story, now hang this is glossed over in this story, the Sorcerers and the Underworld are fighting. The Sorcerers have been kidnapping the shifters and making them fight in the war. I think its just briefly mentioned in the story because getting into it would be a book all on it’s own. I hope when I check out the rest of the series it’s talked about more there. It’s a new job and she is 20 minutes late. It’s funny but also just adds to your understanding of her. Her new partner Dalton comes off as an ass. But he warms up as the story progresses. They go on a mission to a werewolf pack in Northwest America. Everything gets messy after that and I mean the good kind, where you get lost in the story.